24Hour Orlando Fire Damage restoration

Fire may turn up any instance and even after fires have been put down, there after affects may continue causing damage to you and your property if not taken care of.  First things first, here a few actions you need to take for the cleanup process.

Whilst cleaning up after the fire has been put down, you must ensure your safety first, and this includes the use of dust mask and gloves. Apart from this, you must ensure proper ventilation of your house by opening up windows, vents and doors to ensure air movement and hence causing the dust and smoke to move out. Most walls can be cleaned by using a detergent. However, you may only perform the above actions if the fire was of minimal intensity. Otherwise, it is completely recommended to hire the services of Orlando fire damage in fire and smoke restoration because they provide you with the best possible service and are available 24 hours.

Process of fire restoration

Once you call up fire and smoke restoration services, the trained and certified staff from Orlando fire damage will follow a certain process so as to remove the effects of fire. Firstly they would analyze the damage and choose the optimum equipment required for complete restoration. Secondly, they would analyze the damage, fire, smoke and soot to choose the best plan for restoration. Thirdly they would take measures to stop the damage from increasing by securing the area; walls, windows, doors and roofs.

After this, they would check whether any water damage has occurred and implement any water damage restoration techniques that are required. Then they would use specialized equipment for the cleaning process. Finally, to restore the house (area) condition as it was before the fire incident, they would ensure any repairing, carpeting, fixing of doors, walls or ceilings and complete any reconstruction that is required.
Even after the fire restoration is complete, smoke restoration needs to be done.

Hazards of fire smokeOrlando Fire Damage

The smoke produced during any fire incident would contain carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and soot particles. Apart from this it could also contain many other gases depending on the materials that burned in the fire. Inhalation of the smoke for a short period of time may cause irritation to eyes, nose and throat whereas the odor may cause nausea. Apart from this, inhaling the carbon monoxide decreases the body’s oxygen supply and can cause headaches, reduced alertness and prolonged inhalation may also be fatal. In case of any fire incident, it is totally recommended to utilize professional fire and smoke restoration services of fire damage restoration Orlando Florida.

Process of smoke removal

Along with the fire restoration, the removal of smoke and its odor is very significant to prevent further damage to health and property. The first step the professionals will undertake would be to remove any source of smoke or odor and deodorize the entire area. Furthermore, they would clean the area and remove any residue that could combine or react with the smoke. After this they would secure those items that were party damaged by the fire for preventing any further damage as well as saving further smoke and odor spreading in the vicinity.

Hence in case of any fire incident, it is totally recommended to utilize professional fire and smoke restoration services of fire damage restoration Orlando Florida which are known throughout Orlando for their excellent services and customer feedback.