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During any incident of water damage or fire, the carpets in the house can get dirty and hence need to be cleaned. Though this process is easier sometimes and the owners can handle it themselves, in most cases, they have insufficient means to completely clean the carpet and restore it to its initial and optimum condition. At this stage, it is recommended to avail the services of expert carpet cleaners.

There are numerous methods for carpet cleaning that may be utilized by the carpet cleaning Orlando who are famous all over Orlando for their excellent carpet cleaning services and feedback.

Hot Water Extraction

This method involves spraying hot water (with added chemicals) on the carpet. Along with this, the water is vacuumed so as to remove any dirt that has dissolved in the hot water. This method is widely used by most professionals and is recommended by carpet cleaning Orlando since it is most effective and also provides deep and thorough cleansing.

Dry Cleaningcarpet cleaning orlando

This method utilizes specialized machines that can dry clean the carpets. These machines use VLM ( very low moisture) systems and rely on dry compounds. Since this method is very fast and simplistic, it is also utilized by many experts and is recommended by the trained staff and certified staff at Orlando carpet cleaning.

Dry Compound

This method involves the use of brushing and scrubbing the carpet for cleansing purposes. Tiny sponges can be used with cleaning solution that dissolves any dirt particles. The dirt and grime is absorbed to the compound which, after a short drying time will be removed using a vacuum cleaner; hence leaving the carpet clean and dry. However, when this method is implemented, it may leave some residue which can then proceed to cause allergies or damage color and fiber of the carpet. Most experts use special cylindrical rotating brushing system without a vacuum cleaner for this process.


This method involves the use of encapsulators that are detergent polymers. After washing the carpet with a detergent, it is allowed to dry and after the drying occurs the encapsulators bind the detergent molecules and residue in a crystalline structure. Now the residue and soil particles can no longer join and mix with other particles and hence can be easily removed by vacuuming. Apart from easing the process of residue cleansing, the process of encapsulation also reduces the carpet fibre’s affinity for oily and particulate soil.


This method involves the use of a bonnet to scrub with a rotating motion. The oscillating pad is rinsed and replaced repeatedly. This process, however, does not ensure strict dry cleaning and may utilize significant more time as compared to other methods.


This method involves the use of wet shampoo along with rotary machines which is followed by wet vacuuming. Since this method does not involve rinsing, the residue continuously collects the dirt particles. This leads to a misconception that if this method is used, the carpet will get dirty faster. This method can be best implemented if shampooing is used along with extraction. First the shampooing process is done and then a spin brush is used to loosen the dirt. However, the technique of shampoo also requires some time before the carpet is completely clean.

Hence if you need to get your carpets cleaned at any time, give a call to carpet cleaning Orlando who are available 24 hours for your convenience. We provide excellent service.


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